Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

For Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, Headaches, Tremors

We offer the best and the safest TMS therapy in the most comfortable environment in complete privacy.  

We offer FREE consultation to help you decide if TMS is right for you.

We offer free, COMPREHENSIVE neurological exams before, during, and after the TMS course to ensure maximum safety.

In case of rare side effects, neurologists are best trained to manage them without the need of a referral.

We are experts of the brain structure and functions.

We use the best and latest device that is constantly updated.

To find out more information, please call our office at 775-870-1230 or email


Patient Testimonies

Can't say enough good things about Alliance Neurology and their TMS treatment. Ryan was great in dealing with my insurance (the VA) and getting things approved to move forward. Did the full 7-week treatment and had great results with no negative side-effects. I've been sleeping much better, feel more optimistic and clear-headed and just happier overall- and it's been several months since my initial treatment. Definitely a great alternative to traditional treatment with medication!
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